The story

« 28 Kg, the weight exceeds, you have to pay for it. » This sentence doesn’t sound good at the airport, essentially when you think inside of the next question : What can I take off ?! In fact, this is thanks to this Australian woman misadventure that the story started.

Comme un Caméléon began when 2 friends met at the primary school 20 years ago and later, decided to create their own brand associating colors and double face.

This story really started when a friend asked their best men to wear orange accessories. Easy ? Looking for an orange belt was not as easy as I thought, but black or brown, there were plenty !

Sometimes hard-working city-dwellers, sometimes in parties, we wanted to get the choice in the same day to adapt our clothes according to our mood and desires. The idea to create double face-colored-belts went through.

Italy was the destination to knock off to get the best leather and manufacture it in the province of Brescia, between Milano and Verone.

Comme un Caméléon applies to knock down the conformity and the codes of fashion. Clothes today have to adapt themselves to itself to us not the opposite !

What’s the connection with the airport ? This luggage exceed would maybe not happen if we had more double face clothes in our luggage ! As for the choice of the name of the brand, you should have an idea…