the universe

You are a chameleon
Sometimes classical, always sparkling , what you like is to transform you ... like a chameleon . For that you noticed in all your faces , we have developed a collection of belts that accompany you daily in your most stylish moments like those in more casual . The challenge: to reinvent themselves to envy, and show what you want to be. Throughout the day and your mood , just a clipped to reveal . Luxury, is not it simple ? And to perfect your look with more detail , we have designed a series of flashy laces that you can attach to your belt.
Urban workers during the day, night revelers , travelers who dream to 100 per hour, fans of small detail that changes everything, seducers and sassy , elegant sparkling girls and males, as followers of the bohemian chic , Comme un Cameleon (like a Chameleon) is for you. Freedom will finally be rewarded!