If you are not satisfied by the ordered items, you can return it by 15 days. The postmark is the benchmark of the time you have to return the items.

At the time we receive the items and after checking its quality, we will proceed to the refund in a maximum of 30 days. The refund is done by bank transfer conforming to the supplied information at the order. You have the possiblity to get as well a credit note.

If the state of the items is different from the state at the dispatch (please refer to the general terms of sale), refund and exchange will not be accepted. In that case, we will contact you.

Returns are in charge of the customer.

In the case that the returned items are in a bad quality or not conformed to your order, the return will be at the charge by Comme un Caméléon and we will refund you the totality of your order.